Spa days can include several relaxing elements and activities

What is a Spa Day – Your Questions Answered

Uncertain about what happens or how to prepare yourself for a spa day? Knowing how spa days work and how to get ready for one will make your experience more relaxing and beneficial to your health and wellness. gathered essential information about spa days and answered frequently asked questions about what they are and … Read More

Wellness Spa Retreat Benefits and Blissful Destination Locations

Your health and wellness depend on your ability to balance the bills, family matters, kids, relationships, deadlines, business trips, and other people’s problems on top of your daily routine. And not to forget, you need to eat well, exercise, and get enough sleep to do it all again tomorrow. With so much going on in … Read More

Spa Treatments – History & Benefits

Today spas and hot springs are in the top two tourist attractions and destinations globally. The most visited are located in the Mediterranean and far East. Since modern civilization we have enjoyed mineral baths, foot spas, and other spa related indulgences. Not only do these spa inspired retreats alleviate stress, they improve health – giving … Read More