Why Are My Feet Swollen – Causes, Treatments, and Prevention

Keep your swollen feet from leaving you in pain, immobilized, and scared. Knowing what causes your feet to swell and how to treat your feet will help you get things back to normal quickly. yourfootpalace.com gathered the following information about what causes your feet to swell, which treatments may work for you, what you can … Read More

Cancer and Reflexology

Cancer patients often experience high levels of anxiety and stress after treatment. Reflexology is a form of therapy that can help them find relief. Study after study confirms that reflexology aids cancer patients in relaxing and coping with stress. With such mounting evidence, it is only natural to conclude that this ancient art of therapy … Read More

Preparing the Body for Winter Weather

Colder weather is officially here and with Fall being the precursor to the sick season, the Foot Palace team compiled a few tips to help keep your physical and mental health on the up and up. Sunlight Interacts with the Body’s Circadian Rhythm During the winter months we lose about 5-6 hours of direct sunlight … Read More