Why Am I So Tired – Fatigue and Prevention – Quiz

Prevent fatigue from stealing your happiness and health. Knowing what is behind your tiredness can help you make the necessary changes to overcome it. yourfootpalace.com gathered the following short quiz and information on fatigue to help you determine what changes may be necessary to your lifestyle. Fatigue and Tiredness Quiz The following 5 questions will … Read More

Why Proper Sleep Posture Translates to a Happier Body

Your sleeping posture may be comfortable, but it could ultimately be the cause of some health issues. Improper sleep positioning has been linked to neck/back pain, poor circulation, sleep apnea, next day fatigue and even premature wrinkles. For the appropriate amount of sleep and tips to fall asleep faster, visit yourfootpalace.com/regular-sleep-promotes-healthy-minds/. For the common sleep … Read More