Everything to Know About a Couples Massage

Avoid getting stuck in boring, forgettable routines with your significant other. Knowing what to expect from a couples massage will help you create a sensational, unforgettable experience for the two of you.

Couples massage experience in Athens

yourfootpalace.com gathered information on what a couples massage consists of and answers some of the most frequently answered questions about it.

How Much Should a Couples Massage Cost

Couples massage prices range from $80 per hour for a basic package to $120 per hour for a more complete package.

Couples massage pricing can vary greatly depending on the type of massage, duration, location, and add-ons like extra hot towels or aromatherapy.

Tip: Before booking your couples massage, reach out to a spa representative for hourly rates, packages, running specials, add-ons, and payment options.

What Happens When You Get a Couples Massage

A couples massage consists of many of the same components of any other massage, here’s what to expect:

Couples massage reflexology for the feet

  • Couples massages generally occur in a private room
  • You both receive your massages at the same time
  • Your massages occur on side-by-side tables
  • Each of you will have your own massage therapist
  • Your massages end at the same time

Note: Each spa will offer different amenities like lounging areas, shower rooms, hot tubs, and specialties like fruit, chocolates, and champagne.

Couples massage components and benefits

How Do You Prepare for a Couples Massage

The following tips will help you and your partner prepare for your couples massage, maximizing the massage’s relaxation and rejuvenation potential:

  • Keep your schedules light and stress-free prior to your appointment
  • Take a soothing shower
  • No “heavy” food, eat light
  • Turn your phone and devices off
  • Avoid stressful and/or drama-filled conversations or arguments

Couples massage preparation includes a soothing shower

Note: To take full advantage of your couples massage, clear your schedules for the rest of the day, and enjoy each other’s company.

What Do I Wear to a Couples Massage

Clothing etiquette for a couples massage may vary depending on the spa and type of massage you will receive. Consider the following for a reflexology couples massage:

  • Arrive wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothes
  • Avoid wearing any jewelry
  • Leave any bags or additional clothing behind

For reflexology couples massages, you will not be required to disrobe. You will be asked to remove your shoes and socks, then roll your pants up to your knees.

Couples massage loose fitting clothing etiquette

Note: Wearing a mask will not get in the way of or disrupt your massage.

Tip: Contact a spa representative before booking your appointment to fully educate yourself on their clothing etiquette for your selected massage type.

Do You Talk in a Couples Massage

There aren’t any specific rules on talking during a couples massage, so you can talk to each other during the session. However, you may find it more effective to just be quiet and relax. It really depends on the couple’s ability to communicate calmly.

Note: As with any massage, if something is too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, or disturbing your “zen,” you should immediately communicate this to your masseur.

Is a Couples Massage a Good Date Idea

Yes, a couples massage is ideal for couples that have been together and/or have a sense of security and trust in each other.

Perhaps not when a couple is in its beginning “getting to know you” stages.

Tip: Every couple interacts differently at different stages. If a couples massage date interests you, ask your significant other how they feel about it and go from there.

Conversation about a couples massage date idea

Benefits of a Couples Massage

Repetition of dinner and movie dates can get boring over time. A couples massage is an excellent idea if you want to remove stress from your relationship and enjoy quiet, rejuvenating time together. Consider the following benefits of couples massages:

  • It’s good for the body and mind
  • Increased release of endorphins
  • Relief for tense, tight muscles, and increase of flexibility
  • You get to enjoy quality time with your significant other
  • You get to try out a new experience
  • Reduce stress and anxiety levels
  • Increase feelings of affection for one another
  • Couples massages encourage intimacy
  • A couples massage is a bonding experience
  • An intimate way to commemorate an anniversary, birthday, or other special date
  • It’s an opportunity to reconnect with your significant other

Couples often struggle to make time in their busy schedules to spend time together. A couples massage can be used as an intentional way to reconnect.

Couples massages create an intimate and bonding experience

Couples Massage

In this article, you discovered essential information about what couples massages consist of and the answers to some of the most common questions about them.

When you know what to expect from a couples massage, you can properly prepare for one and provide an amazing bonding experience with your significant other.

By not considering a couples massage, you miss out on an opportunity to share an intimate bonding experience with your loved one.


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