Best Couples Massage in Braselton Georgia

If you and your loved one are in search of a soothing Braselton Ga evening and a way to spice up your relationship, consider our couples reflexology massage? Enjoy each other’s presence in a private open spa setting while receiving rejuvenating rest and mindful repair treatment.

Couples Foot Reflexology (Specialty)

Together, you both can sit back, relax, and put your feet in our hands to soothe your soles. It all begins with a hot-water mineral foot soak, while simultaneously receiving reflexology and massage of the face, head, and ear. Then, acupressure is applied on your feet and lower legs which stimulates reflexive points promoting inner organ functions and improved well-being.

60 MIN – $102

Couples Palace Package Royal Treatment

Rejuvenate in an utter state of tranquility while being pampered like royalty. This full-body reflexology point complete couples package provides the best pampering and reflexology massage to every part of your body. This is a full 120 minutes of complete relaxation and rejuvenation to be experienced together.

30 MIN (Face, Head, Ear) + 30 MIN (Hand & Arm) + 60 MIN (Foot) – $240

Whether you’re looking to get away from the stress of everyday life or spend one-on-one time quality together, a couple’s massage is always an option that you won’t regret! This blissful pampering, bonding, reflexology foot massage, stress-relieving, and rejuvenation experience is only a click away.

Click the link to make your couples reflexology massage reservation at our nearby Braselton Spa, or call 678-963-5958 to speak with our friendly service staff.

* Service prices do not include gratuity.

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