Quick But Effective Tips for Managing Your Diabetes

managing diabetes

Diabetes is a condition experienced by many Americans, and it’s also quite common here in Georgia. According to the Georgia Department of Public Health, more than 1 in 10 adults in our state have diabetes.

If you’re among these numbers, you might be looking for quick but effective tips to manage your diabetes without making any drastic lifestyle changes. In this case, you’re in luck — we discuss a few such tips below.

Everything in Moderation

Being diabetic doesn’t mean limiting yourself severely. Fat, protein, and carbs affect your blood sugar levels the most, but foods like bacon and chocolate can still be eaten in smaller portions. As highlighted by a 2016 piece from the University of Georgia titled Study Finds Exercise Can Help Enhance Diabetic Medication, you’ll need to move around more. You can start doing so gradually, like walking for an extra 5 minutes each day. Similarly, you can still have that bottle of beer or glass of wine — but no more than one or two glasses a day.

Tackle Stress

Long-term stress can affect your body in more ways than one. Stress is a known barrier to optimal insulin production in your body and can put you at a risk of higher blood sugar levels. On top of that, ScienceDaily confirms that heavy stress can shorten your lifespan. To combat this, find ways to incorporate relaxing activities into your life. Deep breathing is a great technique to start with. From here, find what works best for you. This can be yoga, a nice hot bath, a good book, or a scenic walk through parks like Ben Burton or Southeast Clarke.

Be Organized

You need to check your blood sugar levels 4-10 times a day to monitor it properly. If you have Type 1 diabetes, SymptomFind adds that you’ll need insulin therapy. However, the effectiveness of these methods in managing your blood sugar can be affected if you skip meals or insulin doses. This makes it vital for you to stay organized. Keeping a record of your blood sugar levels can help. You can also try taking insulin at the same time each day. If all else fails, the handy alarm app on your phone can help you keep track.

Get a Foot Massage

Diabetes can do more than just cause your blood sugar levels to spike. In our article Aging Feet Changes And Common Problems, we note that it can cause nerve damage and decrease the blood flow to your feet. If you get cuts or sores here, you won’t feel them — and lower blood flow means they’ll heal slower and are more vulnerable to infection. Our reflexology-based foot massages can help prevent these issues or mitigate their ongoing effects. What’s more, they’ll help relax you and eliminate some of that stress you shouldn’t be having.

Visit Your Doctor Regularly

Finally, it’s vital for you to stay on top of your condition through regular check-ups with your doctor. The CDC recommends that you do this at least twice a year — more often if you’re taking insulin therapy. These visits should give you the insight you need to tweak your lifestyle and manage your diabetes more effectively. You don’t need to waste time and money on in-person appointments, either. Local centers like the Athena Medical Clinic and Sharecare now offer convenient and accessible telehealth services for diabetic patients, making it even easier for you to make that appointment.

Diabetes can be a challenging condition. Fortunately, these quick and effective tips prove that you can still live your life to the fullest.

Image: Pexels