Massage Services in Braselton Ga

Welcome to your local Braselton massage spa. Whether you want a whole body, foot, or face focused massage, Foot Palace Braselton would love to soothe your sole and body. Below are details and booking for our signature reflexology massages.

Foot Reflexology Massage (Speciality)

foot massage Braselton Ga

Sit back, relax, and make yourself comfortable in our Braselton massage spa while we soothe your soles. You begin your journey with a hot-water mineral foot soak while receiving a relaxing acupressure massage around your head, neck, and ears. This stress-relieving massage finishes with reflexology on your feet and lower legs to stimulate your body, promote inner organ functions, and improved well-being.

30 MIN – $32  |  60 MIN – $42  |  90 MIN – $72

Unwind Reflexology Massage (Signature)

full body massage Braselton Ga

Relax the mind, renew the body, and revive the soles. Begin with a reflexology and acupressure massage of the face, head, and ears to alleviate tension. Followed by a hot-water mineral foot soak while simultaneously receiving acupressure on the arms and reflexology on the hands. Finishing with reflexology on the feet and calves, improving circulation, flexibility, and reducing fatigue.

60 MIN $42

Face, Head, Ear Acupressure Massage

Braselton Georgia massage services

Your head, neck, and ears retain the most tension. An acupressure massage targeting this region of the body is naturally soothing and relaxing. Whether you desire a firm massage to relieve your tension or a tranquil experience to ease life’s stress, our massage experts are here to serve you.

30 MIN – $32  |  60 MIN – $52

Hand & Arm Reflexology Massage

Braselton hand massage

A relaxing stress reliever that not only loosens stiff muscles but improves circulation in your arms and hands. This acupressure massage helps to alleviate aches and pains in your hands while promoting the proper functioning of your organs. This massage is beneficial as it makes way for blood flow which results in improved health overall.

30 MIN – $32  |  60 MIN – $52

*Gratuity is not included in service prices.

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