How a Foot Massage Can Relieve Your Plantar Fasciitis Pain

plantar fascia foot ligaments and bones
Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common orthopedic complaints, and one we hear often at Foot Palace of Athens. Those that suffer from plantar fasciitis usually experience stabbing heel pain and stiffness with their first step out of bed in the morning. This pain can range from mild discomfort to debilitating pain and affects nearly 2 million Americans each year. The pain is caused from inflammation of the plantar fascia tissue, which is a thin web-like ligament that runs across the bottom of your foot connecting your heel bone to your toes. This thin ligament is the foot’s arch support that helps you walk. The pain from plantar fasciitis normally decreases as your foot limbers up throughout the day, but can return if you spend a majority of your day standing. We don’t often think about our feet but our daily lives put a lot of stress on our plantar fascia ligament.

This common orthopedic condition is frequently found in runners. The ligament normally acts as a shock absorber, and putting too much pressure on this ligament can wreak havoc on your feet. However, planter fasciitis doesn’t just affect the fleet of foot. You may also be at risk for this condition if you are overweight, late in a pregnancy, menopausal, or wear shoes with inadequate arch support. Maintaining a healthy weight, stretching before physical activity, and wearing shoes with proper arch and heel support may reduce your risk of getting plantar fasciitis.

Reflexology can help relieve some of the pain and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis. Reflexology is beneficial because it uses pressure point techniques to release tension in the feet and relieves heel pain caused by plantar fasciitis. A natural cure for Plantar Fasciitis is to massage the feet. Plantar Fasciitis surgery is too invasive for most people and costs a lot of money! Reflexology is a healthier and better Plantar Fasciitis remedy! During a reflexology session you fist soak your feet in hot Epson mineral salt water to help draw inflammation out of the sore muscles. Once your muscles have loosened up a little form the warm salt soak, a therapist begins working on breaking up the “crystals” in your feet, loosing up the tight bands of the fascia, and then stretches the ligaments and Achilles tendon. Doing this helps to further relax the muscles in the feet and calves, to increase circulation and flexibility. Increasing the circulation and flexibility in your lower legs and feet reduces the inflammation causing pain in the plantar fascia. Like most injuries, there’s no instant cure, but receiving regular reflexology sessions can help you achieve pain relief in minutes, help gradually experience less pain daily on a daily basis, and maintain full flexibility in your feet, heels, and lower legs.

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