Dry Floatation Therapy – Everything You Need to Know

Looking for an effortless way to achieve stress and anxiety relief and serenity? Understanding how dry floatation therapy can help you find significant health benefits without the inconvenience of being submerged in a tank.

Dry floatation therapy offers effortless serenity

yourfootpalace.com gathered information about dry floatation therapy and its effortless physical and mental benefits for all ages.

What is Dry Floatation Therapy?

During a dry flotation therapy session, you lie floating while gently cradled by a dry membrane allowing all your troubles to dissipate while experiencing a sensation of weightlessness and remaining completely dry. Subtle vibrations massage your body, releasing muscle tension and leaving you in a transcendent state.

Note: Dry floatation and float therapy differ in that; For dry floatation, you will be lying on a warm, water-filled membrane that lowers into a bed. Traditional float therapy uses a bath or tank filled with water and an excessive amount of Epsom salt to keep you afloat. Dry floatation offers people a faster, less messy, therapeutic experience while providing all the significant benefits of traditional float tanks.

Dry Floatation Therapy Benefits

Dry floatation therapy and chromotherapy

For those seeking increased physical health benefits, dry flotation helps shorten recovery time from exercise, increases the natural production of endorphins, reduces blood pressure, and improves circulation. Dry floatation can reduce chronic pain, with users experiencing significant pain reduction after multiple dry floatation therapy sessions. Consider the following additional benefits:

Dry floatation therapy benefits your mental state by:

  • Reducing insomnia and other sleep disorders
  • Improving your sleep quality
  • Accelerating jet-lag recovery
  • Improving cognitive and learning abilities
  • Reducing the physical side-effects of stress (headache, tachycardia, chronic fatigue, muscle tension, abdominal pain/discomfort, gastrointestinal disorders, etc.)
  • Reducing the psychological side-effects of stress (irritability, chronic depression, hyperactivity, hypotonicity, etc.)

Dry floatation therapy benefits your body by:

  • Significantly improving relaxation (normalizing your breathing rate, stabilizing your blood pressure, etc.)
  • Increasing endorphin production
  • Improving lymphatic and venous drainage
  • Improving lactic acid drainage
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Naturally boosting your immunity
  • Reducing joint and muscle pains
  • Improving muscle recovery, strength, and tone
  • Increasing oxygenation
  • Improving overall athletic performance
  • Increasing energy
  • Leaving you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and happy

Note: Over the course of multiple dry floatation therapy sessions, individuals can expect to experience a unique combination of physical and mental benefits.

Dry floatation guided meditation

Floatation Rest History

The history of “Floatation-Rest” dates back to the 1950s when Drs. Jay Shurley and John Lilly (National Institute of Mental Health) became interested in understanding how the human brain would respond to an environment devoid of external sensory input.

Through experimentation, it was discovered that participants maintained full awareness rather than falling into a deep sleep or losing consciousness. Initial iterations used various masks to shield the brain from sensory input. The first fully immersive float tank was built in 1957, when Dr. Shurley constructed his laboratory (Oklahoma City Veterans Administration hospital). In this first Floatation-Rest version, the participant was immersed vertically in a tank of water with a helmet connected to breathing tubes for ventilation surrounding their head.

In the 1970s, Glenn Perry (together with John Lilly) invented a horizontal version of the float tank that eliminated helmet use. This newer iteration has participants lay supine in a shallow pool of Epsom salt-saturated water, allowing them to effortlessly float comfortably with their eyes, nose, and mouth above the water’s surface.

This change in design made floating available and more appealing to a significantly wider audience. However, many still found the tanks too confining and claustrophobic. Consequently, float therapy experienced a long dormancy period until this past decade, when the practice has rapidly increased in popularity, bolstered by the creation of more spacious tanks and pools.

Today, with Zerobody, the floatation wellness experience is as easy as lying down and letting go. You no longer need to disrobe, shower, wear a breathing apparatus, or submerge yourself. Zerobody completely frees you from stress and gravity. When you lie on Zerobody:

  • The rigid panel lowers
  • Your body is wrapped in a soft, lukewarm embrace (400 liters of basal temperature water in an innovative membrane)
  • You’re not moving or subject to any currents, ripples, or splashes (as is when floating on a river or in a pool)

Your Zerobody dry floating experience session at Foot Palace begins with selecting your preferences for chromotherapy lighting, guided meditation, or element music to deliver a complete regenerative and rejuvenating experience for the body and mind.

Dry floatation therapy with complete ambient control

Dry Float Therapy

In this article, you discovered information about dry floatation therapy, how it differs from traditional float therapy, and the physical and mental benefits users experience.

Using dry floatation therapy can leave you feeling completely refreshed and rejuvenated without the need to disrobe, shower, or go through any preparation.

Other physical and mental therapy methods may leave you stressed or anxious, needing to disrobe, shower, or prepare for the session.


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