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day spa braselton gaOur therapeutic pressure point sessions include reflexology and acupressure massages of your entire body. Find your desired spa session and book it now…

Braselton Reflexology Spa Treatments

Head to Toe Spa – 90 MIN

Picture 90-minutes of bliss in a day spa setting. Your tension and stress will be melted away while your body effortlessly regains its balance. This 90-minute spa-quality session encompasses all 3 pressure point regions of your body for 30-minutes each.

30 MIN Face, Head,  &  Ear/ 30 MIN Hand & Arm / 30 MIN Foot $100

Royal Spa – 120 MIN

This amazing 120-minute day spa treatment rejuvenates you while in a complete state of tranquility. After a long week on the job or just a girl’s getaway, this spa reflexology massage, treatment is exactly what you deserve. You will be pampered and leave feeling like absolute royalty.

30 MIN Face, Head,  &  Ear/ 30 MIN Hand & Arm / 60 MIN Foot $120

Service prices do not include gratuity.

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